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  Issues Affecting Hays County



In June of 2010, Broaddus & Associates performed a facility assessment on the current Hays County Jail. The final report recommended that by 2020 a total of 720 bed capacity was needed to accommodate the inmate population. The tax payers passed a bond and construction of a new jail facility was started. The new facility will only house 192 beds with the county STILL outsourcing to other counties. This will still cost the tax payers millions of tax dollars. The previous administration was accused of mismanagement when inmates were outsourced to Guadalupe County. Only 15 inmates were outsourced and the current sheriff labeled previous administration as mismanagement. Currently Hays County outsources over 200 inmates scattered throughout Texas with some as far away as the Houston area.



The sheriff’s office staffing is strained due to the fact that morale is at an all-time low due to management styles that include intimidation, harassment and dishonesty. This leads to employee turnover and cost of training new staff. I will work to improve staff retention by being a leader who engages employees and helps them achieve their best. I will believe in the employees and we will have a great team.

Team Building

We will Focus on Team Building. It is important that we work with Federal, State and local agencies to include  Fire Departments and First Responders to foster good working relationships. It is the strength of the team that can accomplish any task with great resolve; these men and women share the same values.




We will Attack the Drug Problem in Our County. We will bring back our drug interdiction team to facilitate a more proactive enforcement on the streets where our citizens see drug problems. We will aggressively investigate the sources of drugs coming into the county. We have to attack the problem from both ends.
Community Policing

Community Police Officers will be responsible for developing partnerships within the community in an effort to create a safe and secure environment. This can be accomplished through community mobilization, crime prevention efforts and problem solving (i.e., Neighborhood Watch, Citizen Patrol, etc.). Through mobilization, Community Police Officers can facilitate a community’s efforts to create positive changes within their neighborhood. The sheriff’s office has become islolated and currently there is little to no community involvement. This will be a priority. The citizens of Hays County must know and trust their sheriff’s office.