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How can anyone on the Brady List be the top law enforcement official in Hays County?

On March 12, 2019 in open Hays County Commissioners Court, Constable Ray Helm (Republican) commissioned Alex Villalobos (Democrat) as a deputy constible in precient 3, Wimberley. It was revealed in court that Alex Villalobos is on the “Brady List”. What is the Brady List? 

Brady v. Maryland

Brady and its progeny require prosecutors to seek out and disclose to the defense any material exculpatory evidence, including evidence that could be used to impeach police witnesses. Because of this duty, many prosecutors have established Brady Lists – names of officers whose credibility could be impeached at trial based on information about thier truthfulness, honesty, bias or an issue central to the particular case such as use of force. Prosecutors then decide whether Brady requires them to provide the information to the defense in any case in which the officer might testify. For officers, being placed on the Brady List can be career damaging or career ending. Beyond the stigma and damage to their reputation, it can limit their assignmants, advancement, other job prospects and possibly result in termination. Prosecutors can decide to avoid having a Brady-listed cop testify or refuse to accept a case in which they’re an essentiasl witness. That could limit the officer from any police activity that might lead to the witness stand. Most departments cant afford to limit officers to administrative duties indefinitely. The result could be termination with little chance of employment as an officer elsewhere.



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